Top 10 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

AppsGuy November 21, 2017 | Web Design Add a comment
redesign your website

Considering to redesign your website?

A simple tweak here and there is much less time-consuming, but a lot of things must be considered when going for a complete website redesign.

Some of these include the presentation of information, the look of the pages, the software your website runs on, and ease of use.

So, before going for a redesign, it is important to be certain that your website really needs it. The following are top 10 reasons you should look for before choosing to revamp an existing website.

Your branding has changed

When the branding changes, a lot of things change along with it- logo, color scheme, design, fonts, and so on. All these elements form an important part of a website.

Whether you go for a major overhaul or collaborate with another company, a change in branding means your website must be redesigned.

When everything from the logo to the color scheme changes, your small business website should be redesigned to align with the new branding.

Design looks outdated

With changing times, you need to update your website design to avoid looking outdated.

There are new technologies that keep coming up, and not staying updated can make your website fall behind in the race.

First impression matter a lot, and if your web design looks outdated, people won’t spend a long time there.

In order to keep your site looking fresh and new all the time, you need to go for a redesign.

The content doesn’t display properly

When some of the features or scripts are outdated, your website content may not display properly.

While some of these glitches can be fixed with a simple website update, there are times when it’s a much bigger problem that needs a redesign. If the current design of your website is several years old, it might no longer be compatible with newer devices or browsers.

In that case, there is no other solution than a complete redesign.

Your site doesn’t rank on Google

Your content isn’t the only thing that helps you rank on Google search results. Your web design is also responsible to a great extent for your small business website’s performance.

If your website does not bring in sales and leads and doesn’t contribute to your goals, then it may be time to consider a website redesign that will help your business.

Google doesn’t index websites that have an outdated or unsecured design, and this could make your site fall behind in search results. If people don’t find your website in a Google search, your website traffic will remain stagnant.

Consulting a web designer will help you understand what your website lacks and how you could upgrade the design to better suit your business needs.

Your site isn’t responsive

Laptops and PCs are fast being replaced by smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is essential that your website is responsive, or you risk losing a large number of visitors. Being responsive means your website is scalable and adjusts to the size of the screen.

When checking your site’s responsiveness, consider if the text is readable, if all the features load properly, and if the site is easy to navigate on a smaller screen. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is an appropriate way to check your site’s responsiveness.

With Google’s “mobile-first” indexing, your website’s responsiveness can hugely affect search results. You can have a web designer specifically create a responsive website, or you can use ready-made mobile friendly website templates.

The bounce rate is high

If visitors leave quickly or don’t go beyond the page they land on, it is time to consider a redesign. It could mean a lot of things – visitors don’t find the content useful, or the site is difficult to navigate, or it isn’t responsive.

A redesign should fix these issues.

Your site is slow

Ideally, your website should load in two seconds. If it takes longer, then it’s too slow. Quite often, your Internet connection could be responsible for your website’s speed.

But if that doesn’t fix the problem, you need to consider an upgrade or a redesign.

There are millions of websites around, and many of them have the same objective as yours. If your site is slow, your potential customers will just move over to someone else.

Google’s Page Speed Insights is a judicious way to test your site speed.

No email marketing

If there is no way to collect leads on your website, a redesign could be necessary.

Email marketing is an important way to drive leads, and if there’s no lead magnet on your website, you might need to go for a redesign.

No social media shares

When you share your website on social media, check the thumbnail that appears with the link. Is the thumbnail eye-catching? Is there any thumbnail at all?

If there is no thumbnail, or if it isn’t eye-catching enough, then your social media shares could be in vain.

A redesign could help fix these issues and make the site more presentable.

Your site isn’t secure

This is a very crucial element that could not only make your site unsafe but also turn away visitors.

An unsecured site is vulnerable to malware attacks, which could steal sensitive information, hold the computer hostage, or make strange links or ads start appearing on the site.

When your site isn’t secure, it makes visitors wary of staying your website, and also makes it susceptible to virus attacks. Redesigning your website to make it more secure is always a good idea.

Redesigning your website may be necessary in a lot of cases. But make sure there is proper reason for redesigning your small business website before taking on this vital task.