Must Have Features For Medical Websites

AppsGuy June 13, 2017 | Technology, Web Design Add a comment

Nowadays there are millions of websites in many different niches on the web. This means that the competition is getting pretty rough these days. For this reason, if you want your medical website to stand out and draw a remarkable amount of traffic, there are some features and elements you must include. Website development is, by no means, and easy task. Nevertheless, with the correct guidance and a considerable amount of time and effort, your medical websites will be receiving a lot of traffic before you notice it. Without further ado, these are the features your medical website need to have.

Medical Website Design

Make sure that you medical website design represent your brand and medical industry. Your patients must recognize you by visiting your website to prevent confusion. Use same logo and colors as you do offline such as your office, marketing material.

In addition, it’s critical that your website look professional and provide consistent user experience.

Medical Website Home Page

Your home page is probably the most important part of your medical website. This part is like your presentation card. The first impression that your visitors get of you will be based on the looks and effectiveness of your home page.

Here you must include the most relevant information and hyperlink to the other sections of your website. Depending on the nature of your medical site, you can fill your home page with different elements. You can add the top stories of the month, relevant videos, or anything you reckon is important for your visitors to notice as soon as they enter your website.

SEO optimized for traffic

No matter how good you website or services may be, nobody will access your site if they can´t find it. Make sure you include relevant keywords and key phrases in the content you right so that the search engine makes your website a priority when people are searching for a medical website.

Make sure you don´t saturate your website with keywords, as this will result in being counter producing for your business

Appointment management

We´re in the era in which almost everything is done online. It is crucial for any medical website to have a page in which visitors and future patients can arrange appointments with you.

You have to make sure every piece of information provided in this page is perfectly clear and not ambiguous at all for here is where your visitors will be redirected when they want to have an appointment with you.

Make sure you include relevant data like your address, telephone number, days of attention etc. Basically, add everything your patients should know before having an appointment with you.

Contact page

If your visitors have a problem with your services or simply have doubts or concerns about your clinic, this is where they will end up going. In order to provide your customers with best customer relationship experience, you have to include all the necessary contact information in this page.

You should add an email address, a telephone number, map with directions and any other way in which your visitors will be able to contact you. This is also one of the most important parts in every medical website.

“About us” web page

When people are planning to book an appointment with a doctor, they want to feel like they can trust said doctor or clinic. For this reason, you have to make sure you have a page in which you talk about your services. Explain your vision and mission and why you decided to start this business. Nothing draws customers like an honest and inviting about us page who makes them feel like they can trust you.

Info about staff

Just like it was stated previously, patients want to know that they can trust their doctors. They want to know that the people who are going to take care of them are fully qualified and capable of operating in a clinic. If you count with prestigious doctors with good education this page will be a big plus for you.

Website development should not be taken lightly, for any medical websites. We hope all these recommendations help you in building your medical web presence  and attracting numerous patients.

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