Law Firm Website Design: Features to Automate Your Practice

AppsGuy October 30, 2017 | Web Design Add a comment
law firm website design

Add these must features to your law firm website design to automate operations and add more value to your customers.

With the majority of people spending time online, a proper law firm website design can elevate your law firm to a new level of excellence and save time. Also, It can provide a significant source of value for your potential clientele to help encourage them to choose you over a competition.

Here’s how a lawyer website design can automate your law firm operations.

Provide Information About Your Law Firm

Aside from general contact information, people visit lawyer websites to see what that firm specializes in and how that focus relates to their unique legal needs. A law firm website presents the opportunity to cover all of the different types of practice areas, cases your firm handles and what a potential client needs to know about their legal claim.

Web Contact Form and Chat Options for Easier Communication

A website contact form or live chat support creates new channels that potential new clients can use to reach your firm with questions, information requests and more. Not everyone wants to reach out via phone or schedule an in-person meeting. A contact form is simpler for some people.

Alternatively, an individual could use the chat option during your law firm’s office hours to talk directly to a representative and get an immediate response. Liveperson is one of the chat services you can utilize on your site. The integration is fairly easy. All you need to do is to place a code snippet in your HTML page.

Downloadable Forms Makes Filing Faster

A legal claim process most definitely involves many different hurdles. While most forms are filed by attorneys, the client may wish to see the paperwork or be asked to provide information for specific sections.

The individual can access the forms easily and at any time through your law firm website, so there’s no hassle of emailing or faxing any forms or documents.

Zero Hassle Online Scheduling

Housing an online scheduling feature as part of your law firm website design produces enormous value and convenience. Clients don’t have to call to schedule an appointment; they can see the schedule and slot themselves. In turn, this helps automate the scheduling process, so your firm isn’t handling as many phone calls about making an appointment.

Plus, you can even manage the schedules of multiple lawyers at once.

Online Payments for Improved Convenience

Online payment options are also incredibly convenient. Customers can see their balance and make payments through your website. Your law firm can send reminder notifications when payments are due to help customers avoid late payment fees. This dramatically reduces the need for reminder phone calls.

Deeper Understanding of Client Behaviors with Analytics Tools

Web sites are rich with data, and a tool like Google Analytics can help you tap that information and discover insights into how your customers behave while visiting the small business website. You can learn what pages a visitor looked at and track their web journey to determine what did or didn’t entice them to select your law firm as their legal solution.


A good lawyer website design can bring value to a law firm. By automating specific routine processes, like scheduling, managing payments and disseminating legal information, your law firm can spend more time focused on winning cases and building its reputation.

If you have any questions at all, or need help with your law firm website design or development, contact us today!