How to Build a Website For Your Business

AppsGuy June 19, 2017 | Web Design Add a comment

Are you interested to build a website? Need help where to start? Building a website might sound like a challenging task especially for anyone who are just starting. Here are critical steps you need to follow to get your business online.

Hosting the Site.

Hosting your site is the first step you should take when building a fully-functional website. The process uses a server where you store the web pages, images, documents and related resources that are displayed on the front-end of the website.

Hosting the website therefore allows other people to access your website through the web. Web designers are allowed to choose the kind of hosting they find fit (free or paid web hosting). There are several factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing a hosting plan.

The free hosting plan is unpopular specifically when designing complex websites. This is because, the plan is a little restrictive in relation to the bandwidth limits, server space and the content displayed on the website.

Domain Name Registration.

Domain name registration is important as people will type the URL when searching for your website on the web. The registration can be anything between $8 and $35. Having your domain name registration and web hosting services from the same provider eases the burden of web development because both services are held in the same account.

Planning the Website.

Any undertaking that lacks proper planning is open to several challenges and in a worst case scenario the possibility of failure. For this reason, it is important that a good web designer has a plan outlining how the process will be carried out, the time taken to complete the project and a brief outline of how different features will be displayed on the website. During the planning phase, you should ask yourself the questions below;

  • What kind of website do I need? How the website will be used affects the layout, the content and display features. A news or entertainment website is likely to feature bright colors, large fonts and catchy images.
  • How will users navigate my website? The navigation design affects the usability and functionality of the website. In order to create a good navigation design, it is important to have a sitemap that outlines the navigation structure.

Building a Website

This is perhaps the most challenging phase when building a website. Several key aspects of the process you should be aware of include;

  • Web Design basics: Understanding the basics of designing a functional website as well as some knowledge of programming languages.
  • HTML knowledge: HTML is considered as the building blocks when creating web pages. There are automated platforms that can generate and code HTML pages for you. However, exercising some control and flexibility while using HTML can help you mitigate the challenge of coding errors.

A successful web design is one that has relevant content written in a clear and precise manner. More importantly, all the features of the website including the menu should be functional. Since the website communicates your brand, ensure that the site is easily navigable and you will be surprised how something can look so simple yet professional.

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