Best Practices To Build A Restaurant Website

AppsGuy June 9, 2017 | Technology, Web Design Add a comment

According to recent studies, restaurant is one of the most searched industry by consumers on the web or mobile devices. So, having a restaurant website and a mobile app (even better!) is critical because it allows people to find you easily online, access your menu and find more information about your business.

Here is a list of best practices to build a gorgeous restaurant website!

Register A Domain Name
Creating a website for your restaurant will require to register a domain name. Try to select a name which maps to your business name and at the same time not too long and easy to remember. You can check domain availability at

Set Up A Web Hosting Account

After you register you domain name, you need to have a place to host your website. To set your hosting account, again check check or any other web hasting companies

Build A Beautiful Website

When a visitor accesses your website, the first thing he sees how it looks. So, make sure your website looks professional and maps to a theme of your business. So for example, if your business colors are green make your website theme green. Also, adding a slider on your home page with an attractive images of food helps as well.

If you do not have an experience in design, we recommend to hire a professional web designer.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
Consider this, 95% of mobile users conduct their search via mobile device. 90% of these searches convert within 24 hours. See Source. So, make sure you website is mobile friendly by using a responsive web design.

Display Your Restaurant Menus
Having an up to date restaurant menu is a very important element for a restaurant website. Make sure the names and prices up to date. Don’t forget to add images so people are able to actually see a type of food they can find when visiting your restaurant.

About Us Page
The “About us” page is a great way to stand our from your competition. Make sure to add an information about your restaurant such as background, mission statement and why you are unique. Also, add your employees photos and brief bios in order to show your potential customers your personal side and how professional your team is.

Online Ordering
Saving time is one of the key benefits to anyone. So, having the ability to order food online is something to consider.

Easy To Use Contact Page
Another important element on a restaurant website is an easy to use contact page. The contact page should include a contact form, location address and a phone number. Don’t forget to add a map so customers can find directions to your place. Make sure to link a contact page from your main navigation menu for a better visibility.

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