10 Steps To Create a Powerful Landing Page for Your Website

AppsGuy August 25, 2017 | Web Design Add a comment

Once you create a product or service, you want to sell it as fast as possible, but without the proper tools and exposure you won’t be able to get the results you want. This is why you have to create a website and, more importantly, a website landing page that will offer users all the info they need and thus inspire them to purchase your offering.

What is a landing page?
A landing page is the first page of the site, the main one which basically offers immediate access to the site. This is where any potential customer and website visitor will arrive from the search engine, and thus it’s the place that will offer the first impression.

This is why the landing page needs to include powerful copy and appealing multimedia content. All of these combined have the power to bring in front extraordinary opportunities, and that’s why the landing page is so essential for any website.

What is a landing page used for?
The main reason behind creating a landing page is to generate leads and customers for your site. A secondary reason is to offer a great way for your potential customers to connect with your website and your offering. After all, the first impression matters quite a lot, and with a nicely designed page that has great copy you will be able to do just that.

Characteristics of a powerful landing page
1. A good landing page needs to convey a single message, and thus it has to include smaller paragraphs that offer any reader a complete insight into the product and what it offers.

2. The design of the page needs to be professional, simple and clean, you don’t want to compete for the viewer’s attention, instead you need to guide them towards the purchase button located on that page in a way that’s as natural as possible from a design standpoint.

3. Make sure that the landing page is not that long, because you don’t want to waste the time of your user, instead make it short and to the point. However, try to include all the info you want about your product.

4. Use action oriented language as often as you can. Most of the time this type of language will lead to conversions, so inspire people to take action and use accessible language.

5. Add keywords, because if you want your landing page to rank high in search engine, you will need to optimize it for SEO.

6. When you write a landing page, make sure that you use the second person, as you will need to speak to your readers in a personal, yet refined manner.

7. Always be clear with the content and avoid being too creative. Also, try to add in a great format that makes every piece of content stand out. Avoid stuffing all info in a single paragraph, instead make sure that you use all content in a reliable and professional manner.

8. Proofread and make sure that your text is grammatically sound. It can be very frustrating for a user to find grammar problems, and rest assured that the chances of converting that person into a paid customer will lower quite a lot. So proofread as much as possible.

9. Create a catchy header, because a good header will always inspire people to convert or at least read onward. Many times you have to spend a ton of time on creating the perfect headline for your landing page, so don’t rush this process.

10. Make the page mobile friendly, because many users are going to access it from a mobile phone, so making it responsive and suitable for the mobile visitors is a very good idea.

Don’t hesitate and implement all these ideas in order to create an amazing, powerful landing page.

Only by doing so can you generate many customers and make a great profit for your business. So, do try these ideas as they will come in handy for creating powerful, user friendly and lead generating landing pages!

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