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Law Firm Website Design: Features to Automate Your Practice

AppsGuy October 30, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment
law firm website design

Add these must features to your law firm website design to automate operations and add more value to your customers. With the majority of people spending time online, a proper law firm website design can elevate your law firm to a new level of excellence and save time. Also, It can provide a significant source…

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Top 7 Rules for Small Business Website Design

AppsGuy October 25, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment
small business website design

Small business websites are the virtual representation of a company whether it exists offline or online. This is where a good web design comes in. Also, a professional website design is imperative if you want to stand out from your competition. Here are top 7 rules for small business website to make sure your website…

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Must Have Features for Small Business Websites

AppsGuy October 13, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment
small business websites

Even though small business websites are becoming more and more common, many lack key features to get better results. Of course, the basics like an easy to remember domain name, phone number, and logo are very important for growth and visibility online. However, to give an online business a higher chance of success, there are…

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5 Best Practices for Great B2B Website Design

AppsGuy August 23, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment

Although B2B and B2C are very different, adapting your website to suit your buyers needs is a strategy that works for both. However, because B2B customers are less likely to impulse buy, your website needs to have much different information on it than if you were a B2C business. Because B2B buyers are making a…

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5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building their First Website

AppsGuy August 20, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment

Building your first website is very exciting and very rewarding. However, we all make mistakes when trying something new for the first time, but if you make a mistake with your website it can quickly descend into anarchy as it begins to affect your online business. We’re going to go through 5 of the biggest…

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Why it’s Critical to Have a Website for a Business

AppsGuy August 13, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment

During this technologically advanced age, it is critical for your business’s success to have a website. There are numerous reasons why and this article is going to cover the basic reasons to help you realize how much your business is missing because it lacks a website. Business Cards Have Gone Digital In the past, ordering…

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

AppsGuy August 12, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment

It’s no secret that usage of mobile devices has taken over the web surfing by storm. According to recent research, 90% of American adults have a cell phone and 42% of American adults own a tablet. (Source: Pew Research). What it means that if you already have a website, chances are that a substantial number…

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How to Build a Website For Your Business

AppsGuy June 19, 2017 | Web Design 0 comment

Are you interested to build a website? Need help where to start? Building a website might sound like a challenging task especially for anyone who are just starting. Here are critical steps you need to follow to get your business online. Hosting the Site. Hosting your site is the first step you should take when…

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