Steps To Submit Your Mobile App to Google Play Store

AppsGuy June 6, 2017 | Technology Add a comment

Android OS is the most popular mobile operational system in the world with over 47% market share followed by iOS, over 42%. So, if you haven’t build your mobile app, you may be missing a great revenue opportunity.  Here are the steps you have to follow in order to get the exposure and downloads you want for your app.

Download Android Studio

To get started, you need to download an Android Studio which the official Androdi environment to build apps.

Create a Google publisher account

The next step is sign up for a Google publisher account. After you pay $25, you will be able to upload and submit your app. Note, It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the developer console after you complete the signup process.

Login and fill the necessary details

To proceed with your app development, you need to fill in a necessary account information. Write down the developer name and any other information relevant to your account.

Link to a merchant account

If your app has subscriptions or in-app purchases, then linking to the merchant account is a necessity, as you can use the info here for financial and tax identification.

Upload an app

You can go to the developer console and then Add New Application in the All Applications tab. Type in the name of your app and then choose to upload APK. You will have to create your app in APK form and then upload it here.

Add details about your app

You will need to add information about your listing, such as an app description, a short description as well as pricing information and any other guidelines that you might want. You are free to add as much stuff as you want here, as long as you respect the content guidelines. Remember, put some thought about into it because it will be visible on your Google Play app listing.

Testing an app

You can launch alpha or beta programs before the app goes to public use, so keep in mind to check this option if needed, if not you can just skip it.

Publish your app

Once this is done, you will be able to publish your app directly on Google Play and it will be live. From here onward you will need to promote it properly in the online world, as it will fall down to you to make it a success!

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