Steps To Submit Your Mobile App to Apple App Store

AppsGuy June 3, 2017 | Technology Add a comment

Apple App store is home to millions of apps and hundreds of millions of users, so if you have a great idea you may want to create a mobile app for the world to see. However, submitting an app to the Apple App Store  requires some knowledge. In this post you will find the best steps of doing so.

Download Xcode

To get started, you need to download Xcode environment to start programming. Note, it works only on Mac and not on PCs!

Join Apple Developer Program

To proceed with your app, you need to enroll into apple developer program. After your account is verified by Apple Staff, you will be required to pay $99 fee paid yearly. As a member, you will have the ability to access needed resources to configure your app and to submit your apps.

Prepare your app

Make sure that you test your app the best way you can, you want to deliver only the finished product to your users. Use the iPhone simulator to see if it works properly. You will also have to read and follow the guidelines at!

What do you need?

Right off the bat, you will need an APP ID as well as distribution certificates, so make sure that you get those as fast as possible. You will also need a provisioning profile and to build settings by updating them to match the distribution provisioning profile. A deployment target will also be necessary, so keep that in mind!


Aside from the things mentioned above, you will also need some graphical assets. You will require a set of icons, screenshots, metadata and, of course, the app itself.

Preparing for the submission

You will have to enter iTunes Connect and start the submission process. The app information will require you to add in the default language, app name, SKU number and the bundle ID. You will also have the ability to select a price tier and the availability, so if you want you can schedule the app launch or do that immediately.

Moreover, you have to enter the metadata, so make sure that you address the app functionality and choose the app rating in a normal fashion, however don’t cheat the system as Apple will catch on to that.

Submitting you app

Lastly, add the app version, upload the binary and then validate the submission via your Xcode. Once you published the app, it will be sent for review and Apple will contact you in a few days or a week, so be patient. Yes, the approval process is manual and must comply with Apple Guidelines.

Apple will either publish the app or contact you if you need to make changes!

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