Low Cost or Free Graphic Tools For Your Website

AppsGuy June 7, 2017 | Technology Add a comment

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s especially true for an online destination such as a website. See, people have a very short attention span when they browse the Internet. And you need to make sure that you site is visually appealing and have elements to keep them on your website longer. So, if you want to add visuals and at the same time have a limited budget, you can leverage free or low cost graphic tools.

Here is a list with the best free graphic creation tools for you to check out!

SVG Edit

This tool can be accessed and used online, which surely makes it very easy for you to create and implement sketches on the fly. It gives a productivity boost for any web designer, and any website so you should check it out!


Inkscape is a very powerful tool because it includes a powerful set of features such as flexible drawing tools, beziers, vector support, broad file format compatibility and many others. All of these combined showcase the power of Inkscape, a program that’s free and very useful!


The starter version of Serif is free and it offers more than enough tools to help you create logos, sketches, bespoke designs and just about any type of graphics you want. It does lack a few advanced features, but it is free of charge!


Paint.net is another great tool because it offers a simple and intuitive interface, layers usually found in other expensive software. In general, it’s a great Photoshop alternative and a free one as well.


If there’s something like the best free image editor, then Gimp would be that one. It’s an excellent app that offers just about any type of graphics tool that you can imagine. You can download it for free, and you can use it as many times as you want without restrictions.

Other graphics tools that you should try out include: