How to Get A Small Business Website in the Google Featured Snippet

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Getting featured in a Google search snippet can make a big difference for a small business website. However, to be highlighted and have the exposure help not hurt your business, it’s essential that you follow these tactics.

What is a Google Featured Snippet?

If you use Google search at all, you’ve probably asked it a question or two. When you do, you’ll likely see a box at the top of all the other search results.

In most cases, that box will answer your question in full. If you need more information, you may also click on that box, or its content and be taken to that article.

That snippet comes from the web page, blog post, or news article. Having your content in there can potentially increase the amount of traffic your website gets. Below is an example of the google featured snippet from a restaurant website.

google featured snippet for restaurant website design

How Can Being Featured Affect Your Business?

If you’ve optimized your content as we’ve suggested below, chances are you are seeing an increase in traffic and your new visitors are beginning to see how helpful your business truly is.

What if you get featured, and your traffic goes down? Some people do believe that being in the featured snippet is a curse rather than a blessing.

For example, if a potential customer only needed a shallow piece of information, like the number of calories in a cup of popcorn or the best cleaner to get blood out of their curtains, they might read the snippet and not visit the page.

The key here is that these are not the kind of questions you should try to be featured on. If you are, great, but your effort should be focused on answering more in-depth, expert questions.

Answer questions that require multiple steps or have several approaches.

How Difficult is it to Get in a Featured Snippet?

If you’re going after the snippet spot for a specific question, things could take a little while. However, if your content is better and you follow the tactics below, the likelihood of gaining a featured snippet spot for a specific question is higher.

What Are the Best Featured Snippet Placement Tactics?

1. Finding Your Target Question

Focus on questions that are common and require in-depth answers. Find common questions by looking at what your customers ask you the most first. If you have a Q&A or FAQ page, start there.

If you don’t have one of those, create one. Start with any questions that begin with, “How … ”

2. Formatting Existing Content 

If you have an existing page that ranks well for a specific query, see what the current snippet has that you don’t. If you already have strong content, the only thing keeping you out of the featured snippet may be formatting.

To improve formatting, make sure your answer is broken into actionable, clearly labeled steps.

If it makes sense, adding media resources, like video or an infographic, can help but make sure that their content is explained in type, too.

3. Creating Better Answers

Go into detail. Get very specific. Include every expert tip you can find. Use creative examples.

Your answer needs to be comprehensive, walk through it step by step, assuming the reader knows absolutely nothing about the process.

4. Pique the Reader’s Curiosity

If, even after including every detail, your answer still seems short, try to create something that will still make them want to read further.

If they’re looking for the best orchid potting mix, include a secret recipe at the end of the article and hint at that in your answer.

Including additional options won’t lead to a penalty as long as they’re useful additions to your readers.

If you have any questions at all, or need help with your small business website design or development, contact us today!