Local SEO is Now More Important than Ever

AppsGuy August 19, 2017 | Marketing Add a comment

If you are a small business owner looking to expand your local reach of customers in the community you serve, it’s time to start paying attention to the content on your website. More and more consumers are using the web to find local products and services, and with the introduction of Google’s Pigeon algorithm, local SEO is now more important than ever.

Google Pigeon
Launching at the end of July 2014, Google Pigeon changed the way internet users search the web; it made it easier for customers to find local services by favoring small business.

Rather than relying on large chain brands to populate the search results, the algorithm gave greater weight to local businesses that were in direct competition with the larger chains. This provided the consumer with much more locally relevant choices and gave small business owners an advantage over the larger brands competing for business.

For example, if an internet user were looking for a coffee shop in Pittsburgh, PA, Google Pigeon no longer permits a large brand like Starbuck’s to fill in the top results. Instead, the algorithm would favor local cafes such as Tazza D’Oro or Big Dog Coffee to fill the top rankings for the user to choose from.

Thus, local businesses gain the advantage in the local market and the local economy benefits by Google providing consumers with a greater choice in supporting small business within the local community.

The more relevant the internet content is to a consumer’s location, the more likely they are to receive local results catering to their needs. So how can you boost your local SEO efforts and drive customers to your business?

Below are three major ways you can compete in the local online world to maximizing your local SEO potential:

Optimize Your Content for Local Searches
Create content on your website that is targeted for an audience in your business’s geographical location and keep the content highly informative for your local listings.

While Google Pigeon made it easier for local businesses to be noticed above big business, they didn’t eliminate the need for quality content.

If you want to be found, you need to keep the content on your page regularly updated and locally relevant. Don’t neglect this aspect of your online marketing strategy. Your website is now the number one gateway for consumers find your business.

Use Third Party Review Sites
Participating on sites like Yelp, Insider Pages, and Zagat should be a part of your local marketing strategy. Yes, these sites put your reputation on the line, but they do help boost your Local SEO.

Take advantage of them by responding to customer reviews and providing updates for your business practices.

Social Media
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are all fantastic ways to boost your local SEO because they provide you with the opportunity to interact with your customers and build a reputation online.

In today’s local business world, don’t under estimate the power of your online presence.

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