7 Proven Ways to Market a Website Online

AppsGuy June 20, 2017 | Marketing Add a comment

You have created a great website that looks good and sells your company optimally. What next? You need to direct traffic to your website to generate more sales! Here are some effective ways on how to market your website.

Guest blogging:

Blogging on sites of companies that are in the same niche as you will attract attention to your company. Making mentions to the services or goods that you deal in and including a link to your website will prompt people to check in. This could translate to sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your webpage with keywords and phrases related to what your company deals with in order to make it more visible in the search engine. A well optimized page is visible and shows among the top pages whenever someone makes a search.

Social media

The available social media platforms could come in handy in marketing your website. You could follow businesses that do similar things as you and contribute to the discussions. If you offer people help that resonates well with them and solves their problems, they will be more inclined to click on the link you strategically provided.

Also, advertising on Facebook can bring you a whole new range of visitors from different age groups and demographics.


If your products and/or services have visual appeal, you could make use of Pinterest. It has been gaining popularity and is a great way to call people to your site.

You Tube

Advertising on You Tube can get you attention from viewers. If your video gets posted on one of those videos that get millions of views, an appealing video could lead some of that traffic your way. Just be sure to make it visually stimulating and to leave all the information of where you are can be found.

Tell a friend to tell a friend:

Word of mouth could also make for effective means of marketing. Whenever you go to a shop or a salon, find a way to work your services into the conversation and let the people know where they can find you. You never know who may find this information beneficial.

Use appealing and irresistible titles:

Besides optimization, people cannot resist interesting titles. When you use a heading that pulls people’s attention and promise more than the rest of the pages are guaranteed to bring your page traffic.

If a title is interesting, then the reader believes the content of the page must be interesting as well. May be a point to note would be that if you captivate people with a great title, your content should be just as great.

Social media has made it possible for people to market their products and services to a wider geographical region. There are no more boundaries. What’s more; the platforms offer that wide coverage at a budget-friendly cost that won’t harm your budget.

Here are several avenues available for anyone wishing to drive traffic to their website and make more sales online.

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