6 Facebook Tips: How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Ads

AppsGuy June 18, 2017 | Marketing Add a comment

Facebook is the leading social network platform used by individuals and business both small and large. Social media has changed the way marketing is done – with ease and at your own convenience. Because of its social nature it is not only entertaining but also informative for people looking for goods and services online. The consumers encounter products without knowing that they are shopping in a manner that is entertaining.

This post provides some of the tips on how the businesses can grow using Facebook ads.

Why businesses need Facebook?

Every user who knows the Facebook business model appreciates the benefits that can be accrued by having some sort of a Facebook presence. With over 1.5 billion users who are active and  growing every day, this is the quickest way to go global with a minimum costs.

Many businesses establish their presence by creating a Facebook business page where there is an ability to post valuable content, connect with their followers or set Facebook ads by enrolling  into a Facebook’s advertisement program.

Tip 1: Set your goals

Before starting any Facebook campaign do your research and come up with objectives. You can use the Facebook ad manager to ensure that your advert is gearing towards achieving certain goal.

Also you can look for something to benchmark your advert so that after you have launched you will have a point to measure against as well as compare them for example; sales, retention, brand awareness, leads are some of the objectives that you may have.

Tip 2: Extend Your Brand Reach

To increase brand awareness,  make sure to add your website URL to your Facebook ads. It will not only bring  SEO benefits, but would allow your potential customers refer to your website for more detailed information about your business and hopefully convert.

Tip 3: Add Images to Facebook Ads

When you create a Facebook ad, please ensure to include an image. Studies show, that people would engage with your post more when there are visuals.

Tip 4: Ensure to use Incentives in the products

Many businesses understand the benefit to use  incentives to promote their products or services.  This is not a new technique but it is usually very effective and enticing to the consumers when they see ads.

In your Facebook campaign, keep in mind that the incentives is a good strategy to drive more engagement.

Tip 5: Engage the Users

When you create your facebook ads , make them engaging. The Facebook itself was created for interaction and the entire social media was built based on interaction. The only way that you can entertain the users is by giving them a place that they can have a say or communicate to you.

So, ask questions, conduct surveys, post some video and even plan events that people can join and interact. For example companies like Applebees and Dole provide their followers with polls that give instant answers about their famous products.

Another example is that of Hershey’s Camp Bondfire section that encourage their fans to contribute ideas of making camp fire memorable as possible. This makes the users feel involved and useful in the event preparation.

Tip 6; Make your Facebook advert top news

Just like any other adverting in business. Ensure that when someone checks your business profile the most important products and services should appear as the top list. Do not hide the things that will attract the consumers.