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Adwords Tutorial 2016: Business Growth Strategy

Today, Google is the largest search engine by any stretch of imagination. You get more than two billion searches on Google every day. Many people who are active on the internet will browse through the Google search engine at least once a day, if not more. Thus, it is imperative that you learn how to use the Google search engine to maximize the traffic towards your website and enhance your business growth strategy. We shall now understand how to create a Google adwords campaign and watch your business grow manifold. This Google adwords tutorial 2016 can be on immense help to anyone wishing to promote his or her products online.

Before we go into the details of using the adwords campaign, you should know what adwords is.

Adwords is an advertising service from Google which allows businesses or individuals to promote their services or products on Google network and partner sites. You can have an overview about this at Google adwords page.

Why should you choose Google Adwords?

  • The main aim of any marketing campaign is to attract more customers to improve the turnover and take care of the bottom line. Google adwords can help you do that.
  • Google has a tremendous reach. You can advertise locally as well as internationally depending upon the target audience for your product. You can connect with your customers across the web.
  • You can reach the right people at the right time. People use various devices to browse the internet. You can tweak your campaign to suit their preferences.
  • You can judge the preference of your customers and plan your campaign accordingly. You can track your sales over the internet easily.
  • By having ready access to statistics, you can take the guesswork factor out of your marketing campaign allowing you to focus on the job on hand.

How does Google Adwords campaign work?

  • You can create your own advertisement and run your own campaign on Google adwords. Nobody knows your product better than you do. You are the best judge of your product. You can use the correct terms to set up the tone for your campaign.
  • Initially, you may not be adept at using the campaign. You may have to avail the services of an adwords keyword planner to help you out. This planner can help you to find the right words for your product based on the preferences of people over the internet.
  • You should sign up with Google adwords for an account, set up your own budget, come up with a great advertisement idea, and decide where to place it. The beauty of this set up is that you can always fine-tune it at any time.

Costs involved:

  • Nothing comes free in this world. However, signing up for Google adwords is free. You pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement to visit your website.
  • You can choose your own budget to start with. You can start with a low budget of say $ 20. You have the flexibility to change it anytime.

How to get started in Google Adwords:

  • It is a very easy process. First, you need to sign up for Google Adwords service.
  • You have to follow a few online steps to get your adwords login. Once you open your account, you can write your own advertisement by choosing the keywords. You have to set up your budget accordingly.
  • With Google adwords, you will be in control of the situation at all times. You can change your advertisement, keywords, as well as the budget at any time you wish.
  • Fine-tuning is very easy in this campaign. You can play around with your words and locations until you get the correct combination.
  • Google has a full time support team ready to help you out in case you require assistance. They will teach you the basics and even create your initial ads free of cost.

Key steps to follow to create an effective campaign

  • Keyword list: You should have a keyword list ready with you. You should know the pulse of your customers before choosing the apt keywords.
  • Keyword types: You can use generalized keywords or specialized keywords based on your product and its use in the market.
  • Geographical advantage: You should know the geography very well. You should know where to place your advertisement for gaining maximum benefit.
  • Use keyword planners: You can make use of the adwords keyword planner to improve your adwords quality score. You would be able to reach maximum customers as a result.
  • Use the keyword tool: Google Adwords has a specialized keyword tool helping you to choose the most popular keywords. Your aim should be to reach the maximum number of customers with the minimum of effort. This keyword tool can be of immense help to you in this regard.
  • Negative keywords: You can use this aspect to filter out the unwanted hits and direct the website traffic in the correct direction.
  • Traffic estimator tool: This tool will estimate the traffic to your website and offer statistical inputs to improve your campaign.
  • Bidding and budget options: Adwords can help you to maximize the clicks within your budget. There are options such as cost-per-click and adwords cpm and so on.
  • Feedback: You can get feedback from your customers when they use the adwords blog. You can use this feedback to improve your campaigns further.
  • Call to action: Every advertisement should have a call to action option. This would direct traffic to your website faster.

Brief outline:

Marketing is the key. Google adwords is one of the best tools you can have to assist you in your advertisement campaigns. The keywords are the main tools in your hands. You should do your research well before choosing the appropriate keywords. Quality keywords can have a great effect on your campaign. Your ultimate aim should be generate more traffic to your website and increase your turnover to improve your bottom line.

Google Adwords Tutorial 2016 Conclusion:

This is a very easy process to set up a Google adwords campaign. Follow the steps online and have a great campaign in front of you within minutes.

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