10 Businesses You Can Start Online Today

AppsGuy August 16, 2017 | Marketing Add a comment

Businesses are booming online. By 2016, online sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion U.S. dollars according to Statista. There’s no better way to get started racking in some cash than getting in on an online business yourself! Below are ten businesses you can start online today.

1. Sell Your Product Via an Online Store
Online stores are extremely popular. You can sell your own items as well as others. Building you own store is not as complicated as some think. Feel free to use our ResultApps website builder to get started with your online shop. You can customize your website look and feel, add a shopping cart to make it easy for your website customers to place an order online.

2. Web Coaching
For those that need help with online marketing, they turn to a web coach. Therefore, if you are good at social media marketing, email marketing, or running a blog, you can market to online businesses in need.

3. Consulting Services
Maybe you are great at accounting, grant writing, or even gardening. Put these special skills and knowledge to use with your own online business. You can choose to meet with clients remotely via online chat options such as Google Hangouts or Skype.

4. Content Writing
Every online business needs some form of content, be it web copy, articles, blog posts, or social media content to post. If you have a knack for words and the written language, you can sell your services online to businesses that need your help. To promote your services, build your own website to describe what you do or add your online portfolio of work you’ve done.

5. Niche Websites
A niche website is a website focused on one particular topic, and preferably, something you enjoy and know best. It can range from a health website, to home improvement, to gaming, to personal style. You can purchase pre-made niche websites so you don’t start from the ground up.

6. Podcasting
Podcasting is a great way to get your message heard by many at an affordable cost. The way you can make an income online from it is via sponsors. You can even have affiliate links, sell products, and ask for donations on your podcast site.

7. Create Videos On YouTube and Embed to Your Site
Incorporate videos on your website to attract more visitors and get a higher ranking on Google. You can easily do so via YouTube. Videos are more engaging and may keep visitors on your site longer.

8. Affiliate Program
Join a few affiliate programs, especially if they are in your niche. Your readers are likely to click on something that already has their interest.

9. Google AdSense
With AdSense, the ads displayed on your site are tailored for your visitors. The key to making money is to consistently create content on your site and draw in more readers daily.

10. Sell Photography
If you have an eye for art, why not sell your photos? You can get started and build a name for yourself by marketing to bloggers you know or build a photography website.

Want to start your own business online? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!