Why You Must Have a Mobile App Today

AppsGuy August 22, 2017 | General Add a comment

According to the latest stats mobile usage is growing fast. More and more businesses and organizations are following the mobile trend. Here are some keys stats and trends why you need to have your own mobile apps!

Mobile Usage is greater than Desktop
52% of people use mobile devices to access the web. This number is only expected to grow over time. The average person between 18 and 44 now uses an average of 28 apps. That’s an incredible amount, and it only adds to the urgency for you to develop your own mobile app.

An Unlimited Market
This is an unlimited market. Phones can have as many apps as possible. It’s not like a washing machine where you can only choose one. You can have as many apps as you want, and this market is hungry across all demographics.

Even the over 55s now have an average of 21 apps, which they use on average for 21 minutes every month. This is more than enough time for you to get a slice of the action.

Mobile Usage Continues to Grow
Mobile usage is only expected to go up as we become increasingly mobile. As we mentioned earlier, mobile apps and mobile devices eat up 52% of time spent online.

In addition, this does translate into real money. There is $77 billion of revenue worldwide in 2015, and in 2016 the number is expected to get even higher.

What about Sales?
Let’s not forget about the point of an app in the first place. They are designed by companies to generate sales. 42% of sales across all sectors are generated as a direct result of apps. This could be through direct advertising or through upselling via the app.

Again, this number is expected to go up as more and more companies catch onto this lucrative market.

Time Spent Per Month Expands
The over 55s use apps for an average of 21 minutes every month. If we go all the way to the 18-24 market, we can see that they spend an average of 34 minutes per month on mobile apps. This is a predictable trend.

However, what is important is that 85% of these people prefer to use dedicated apps over trying to access mobile websites.

So What Did We Learn?
What you should have learned from this is that a mobile app is the way forward for companies that want to maximize their bottom lines.

Think about how you can meet the needs of your customers via an app and implement it. Then think about upselling. This growing market could be your chance to really make your profits explode in the year ahead.

Need a mobile app for your business or for personal use? Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help!

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