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Must Have Features For Medical Websites

AppsGuy June 13, 2017 | Technology, Web Design 0 comment

Nowadays there are millions of websites in many different niches on the web. This means that the competition is getting pretty rough these days. For this reason, if you want your medical website to stand out and draw a remarkable amount of traffic, there are some features and elements you must include. Website development is,…

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Best Search Engine Optimization Practices For A Website

AppsGuy June 12, 2017 | Technology 0 comment

It’s hard to disagree that one of the key objective for many websites is to increase a number of visitors. Despite of the fact that mobile is taking over by storm, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! are still a powerful source for web traffic. Therefore, by designing a search engine optimized website,…

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Best Practices To Build A Restaurant Website

AppsGuy June 9, 2017 | Technology, Web Design 0 comment

According to recent studies, restaurant is one of the most searched industry by consumers on the web or mobile devices. So, having a restaurant website and a mobile app (even better!) is critical because it allows people to find you easily online, access your menu and find more information about your business. Here is a…

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Low Cost or Free Graphic Tools For Your Website

AppsGuy June 7, 2017 | Technology 0 comment

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s especially true for an online destination such as a website. See, people have a very short attention span when they browse the Internet. And you need to make sure that you site is visually appealing and have elements to keep them on…

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Steps To Submit Your Mobile App to Google Play Store

AppsGuy June 6, 2017 | Technology 0 comment

Android OS is the most popular mobile operational system in the world with over 47% market share followed by iOS, over 42%. So, if you haven’t build your mobile app, you may be missing a great revenue opportunity.¬† Here are the steps you have to follow in order to get the exposure and downloads you…

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Steps To Submit Your Mobile App to Apple App Store

AppsGuy June 3, 2017 | Technology 0 comment

Apple App store is home to millions of apps and hundreds of millions of users, so if you have a great idea you may want to create a mobile app for the world to see. However, submitting an app to the Apple App Store¬† requires some knowledge. In this post you will find the best…

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